Use and Care

Your piece of wearable art, is crafted with exotic gems, to preserve its beauty and longevity for the generations to come we recommend the following use and care guidelines:

  • As a decorative accessory, always put this piece of art on as a final touch, after hair styling, dressing, and always avoid contact with cosmetic, hair spray or perfume.
  • This objet d’art requires special care, must be avoided all contact with hard surfaces, sand, soil, sharp objects, other gemstones, acids, alkaline solutions, and high humidity (For example, but not limited to, pools, showers, steam baths, saunas, dish washing), as well as exposure to direct heat, sunlight, hot lights and hot water.
  • Each piece should be stored out separately in a compartmentalized box to avoid scratching.
  • When traveling use a protective pouch.
  • Do not clean your art jewel with ultrasonic cleaners, steam cleaners, acetone, strong soaps or jewelry cleaner liquids.
  • It may be wiped gently with a soft dry cloth after each use.

Repairs and General Maintenance Services

To preserve this collector’s piece in excellent condition, it may need cleaning, maintenance and/or services, you may contact us at to provide you with the guidelines and estimates. In case the piece requires a repair please contact us at All cleaning, maintenance, services and repairs require an inspection to determine its nature and extend, after we make an assessment, an estimate will be sent to you for your consideration. We are not responsible for pieces that were cleaned, repaired, altered or any type of service provided by other companies or workshops.

We reserve the right to update these guidelines from time to time.