The Artist

Abellán, a contemporary jewelry artist, was born in Italy. She holds an undergraduate degree in Industrial Relations and a Masters Degree in Organizational Development (the behavioral sciences to help businesses work more efficiently). Not long after graduating she was seduced by jewelry and began her apprenticeship with master goldsmiths and from then she never looked back. After extensive experience, including a number of years of designing and casting, she made the decision to launch Abellán New York.

As the driving force behind Abellán New York, the artist conceives of and designs each piece of high end jewelry and hand selects every stone. She makes certain that the finished objet d’art resonates with her original vision.

Each masterwork is unique, reflecting the artist’s signature use of rare multicolor gemstones in unusual combinations executed with antique hand cuts.

The mood of each work of art by Abellán reveals the Artist’s desire to balance antiquity with modernity, in an unexpected way.